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Facebook Offish March 1, 2011
(fay-ss-buk O-fish); Facebook Official – the rendering of a couple’s relationship status via social media once courtship has reached a seemingly mature state.

In a relationship, when is the appropriate time to become Facebook Official?
Or reversely, when is the appropriate time to take off your status once you break-up?
Man there’s so many factors involved, much that needs to be taken into account…
After all, to some, removing their public love from Facebook is just as bad as the actual breakup :/

In the movie, “The Social Network” Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the start-up purpose FOR fbook was to see who was in a relationship and who wasn’t.

Facebook is this generation’s eHarmony.

Instead of initiating contact with your crush through a search portal, you initiate it through a strategic fbook message that sneakily asks the other person something like, “Hey, do we know each other from somewhere? I feel like we've met before...

Or you can poke them and hope for the best.

Quote Fetish March 2, 2011
Along with cheese and shopping, I also have a quote fetish. I’ll catch myself searching for good ones online for fun sometimes…odd?
I get super excited when an actual real life friend spits out a good zinger for me to laugh at and mock later…

I think I would annoy me if I weren’t myself” – Lauren Lucas

I’m trying to recover from last night so I can go to happy hour” – Natalie Block

Basically quotes are amazing and I’ve concluded that we all have a similar thought process when it comes to rating how awesome each one is to us.
Our quote ranking thoughts are as follows (in order of worst to best):

1 - Eh, it's ok
2 – Good one
3 – Yep I’ll be saying this one over and over for the next month
4 – I’m going to needlepoint this on my pillowcase
5 – This is my next fbook album title

And of course the too-good-to-be-true quotes are rewarded with the highest honor…
a spot in the quotations section of your Facebook page.

Quote Fetish Part II March 3, 2011
Every once and awhile I’ll come across a quote I don’t understand right away. This sucks when it’s a famous one because I feel like everyone is programmed to automatically comprehend those. The other day I was watching a movie and I heard

It’s hard to see the forest through the trees

a forest is trees though.

Ok I get it, but I’m just saying it CAN be confusing if you overthink it. It's an analogy used to express focusing too much on the details of a situation (the trees), and not being able to see the big picture (the forest). Hmm…so really it should say

It’s hard to see the bird’s-eye view of a large forest when you’re stuck amongst the trees

I always have to fix everything.
Next came the pondering of another famous quote

A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush

…what if the bird in my hand is dumb and the two birds in the bush are exceptionally  good at math and science?

Stop signs on campus March 4, 2011
I have issues with crossing the street on campus at a stop sign when there is a car waiting there for you to walk across.  

First of all, the car has been waiting at the stop sign for like 7 minutes but can’t move due to the never-ending clumps of students walking by at a class change.

I’ll be approaching a crosswalk and of course I’ve already noticed the car that’s become somewhat of a temporary fixture in the middle of the road. This is when I begin stressfully questioning the actions that are about to play out.

…if I walk slower that car will go ahead and go so I don’t have to worry about crossing the street in a hurry.
…they’ll hate me if I cross…oh gosh I bet they’re getting super impatient, I should let them go since they probably wanna strangle a squirrel right about now.

Or I’ll stop and give them the hand wave to “go ahead and go” but then they give it back to me…
now what started as a friendly gesture has turned into an annoying/stubborn game of “NO I said YOU GO!”

This is a prime example of my uncontrollable need to please people. It’s as if I don’t want this stranger who I’ll never see again to be mad at me…like I want them to go home that night and say, “an angel in Victoria Secret sweatpants let me cross a busy street today. She saw my impatience and delivered me from evil.”

I’ve got to get new goals.

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