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Frat vs. Sorority Girl Spending November 19, 2010
Fattire can be expensive, and with Christmas soon approaching I’ve found myself wondering, who spends more? A frat-dad or a sorority girl? I’ve compiled a list to help figure it out. Here’s the basics-

Sorority Wardrobe:
Sperry Top Siders $79.95
Leggings $9.99
Nike Shorts $28
Stretchy headband $2.50
Sorority PR shirt $12
Northface fleece $165
Short Sleeve Columbia Shirt $40
Jon Hart Back-pack $126
Classic David Yurman Bracelet $525

Frat-dad Wardrobe:
Sperry Top Siders $84.95
Ralph Lauren Khaki Shorts $59
Wrangler Jeans $33.97
Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt $75
Short Sleeve Columbia Shirt $45
Northface fleece $170
Carhartt Jacket $95
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses $179
Croakies – compliments of a fun-loving sorority girl


Thanks Visa?

Concerned ‘Rents November 20, 2010
Parents of potential high school rushees, both girls and boys, are known for sometimes calling in and asking questions. I’ve gotten inquiries such as-

“Does joining a sorority make for a smooth transition from high school?” –Why yes. I found it much easier to make many friends in such a short period of time.

"Is it difficult balancing school work and fraternity engagements?” – Not at all. Every Greek organization’s first and foremost priority is academics.

“What is the reason for the red solo cups all grouped in a triangle?” - …

T-Swift November 21, 2010

Do you ever feel like Taylor Swift sort of…narrates your life sometimes? Like she just hovers above you writing down your life’s intimate details?

yea me too…

Is Logan’s the new Corner Bar? November 22, 2010

Corner Bar is kind of a distant memory for me. I used to always spend the majority of my Northgate nights at Corner and ALWAYS end the night there but now, Logan’s seems to be the new Greek-going hotspot. True, I am 21 now which means getting into a 21 and up bar is easier (notice how I said easier, not impossible) so I guess that’s the reason?

I only question this because I remember even at Corner seeing people that were 21 still there…which means they weren’t at Logan’s. Truth be told, even though the popcorn is stale most the time it still makes for one heck of an attraction. Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to apologize to the Logan’s staff by saying-

“Sorry for the popcorn all over the floor. It’s much more fun throwing it into people’s mouths than placing it inside your own.”

Typical Lex November 23, 2010

Ughhh why didn’t I have my wisdom teeth pulled in high school like everyone else?? I’m back home recovering in Willis, Texas looking like a chipmunk missing all the almost-end-of-the-semester festivities.

I just text Lexie a picture of my face all swollen and she responded with “hahaha! The fat app!”


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