College Station Resident Confessions

Code Maroon March 27, 2011
We Aggies are all well-versed with the infamous “Code Maroon” alert system. This system serves as a way to inform students of local crime and crisis via text message and email. It lets us know when/where the crime/crisis happened and any minor details.  

Now, I know I’m not the only who sometimes wonders…who writes these things? Some poor little staff member has to condense a large amount of serious information into a single text message.

Traditionally we get the occasional “criminal-with-weapon” alert:

Armed subject last seen near G. Bush and Wellborn Rd. Heavy black woman with sharp object.

Or the “just-to-let-you-know-there’s-a-convict-runnin-around” alert:

Prison escapee suspected in CS area, exercise caution, monitor local media, report sightings to local police 10:56AM

One of my personal favorites was an ironic alert I received while I was on a bus headed to campus:

Tornado alert. Stay indoors. Avoid campus

And of course let’s not forget everyone’s FAVORITE Code Maroon alert:

This is a test of the Code Maroon System. No action required at this time.

….which they’ll sometimes send 19 times in one day.

‘Bout time to grow up Ash? March 29, 2011
 You may recall my Vegas confession regarding my purse that was stolen at a nightclub over Spring Break (sigh). 

Wellll that punk-thief keeps trying to hack into my email accounts. I keep getting notifications saying that some penetrator is trying to answer my security questions in order to retrieve my password.

It makes me so. dang. mad.

My primary fear is identity theft. However this fear quickly turns to laughter because I keep picturing the Citibank commercial where that husky guy has the voice of a valley girl since he stole her identity…haha oh man it’s funny…

Ahem so - I’m like, we’re in a recession dude, good luck trying to get a credit card in my name, I’ve tried, didn’t work, its super hard. HA freakin’ HA.

He must’ve thought he was stealing from some established chick with some money in the bank! Little does he know, he picked a 22 year old who hasn’t built up any credit yet! Sucker!

Wait that’s embarrassing.

Snooze March 30, 2011
Who ever guessed that one little press of this tiny button could produce such a remarkable feeling of blissful relief? What a way to begin your day!

Unfortunately, totally ineffective if you hit it 12 times.

Battle of the frozen yogurts March 31, 2011
A popular debate in the city of College Station isn’t about the latest city ordinance or inflated gas prices, it’s about the battle of the best frozen yogurt.

All of the sudden, CS has had an influx of these yummy treat venues that are all vying for the title of most popular frozen yogurt spot. Let’s meet the contenders I find relevant:
  1. Spoon’s Yogurt – I like the Fbook update about daily flavors
  2.   Froyoyo – ate there once for free because of a coupon…snaps for that 
  3. Red Mango – close proximity to my apartment 
  4. Happy Yogurt – they also sell Chinese dumplings…? 
  5. Yogurtland – never been but a review online says it’s just as good as Spoon’s
While I’m sure all places are quite good, I’ve named a winner and it is…drum roll please…
Red Mango!!! Yay!!!

Don’t cry fellow yogurt contenders, my only deciding factor was that Red Mango’s cherries come with their stems pre-plucked for my instant eating pleasure.

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