Farewell Confessions

There’s college, and then there’s not college
These confessions are a bit delayed, apologies :/

Subconsciously I’ve probably been putting them off on purpose. I haven’t wanted to write my farewell confessions…

I’ll always be a sorority girl, sure, but who wants to replace keg stands with…downward facing dog?

A position you’ll strike during the Pilates class you monotonously attend EVERY Sunday between mommy & me daycare and lunch with a coworker that you only pretend to like.
Ugh think of all the activities that inevitably will replace the wonderful college ones.

Sleeping until 2p.m. > turns into > a 5a.m. alarm complete with a morning run to Starbucks with the hope that your boss links “venti white mocha” to “early promotion.”

Strawberry poptarts > turn into > Kashi GOLEAN granola bars that are only available at Whole Foods.

Your hot 4-inch platform pumps > turn into > 2 inch closed toe, nubbin-heeled slip-ons that guarantee a self-purchased cocktail at the bar.

FYI, bring a crossword to graduation
Man there are tons of things that nobody cares to tell you about college graduation.
Lesson one, bring something to do. Mine was miserably like 3 hours long.

Various factors contributed to this. A numb rear end...an empty stomach…that of which consequently brought about images of dancing breadsticks, for I knew Carino’s Italian was the post-graduation plan.

Eager to help out my fellow Ags, here are some tips regarding the type of equipment you’ll need in order to somewhat-comfortably enjoy graduation –
a fully charged cell phone, a decorated graduation cap, and a full stomach.

These things are a must.
May I also suggest –
an inconspicuous fog horn, bucket of fried chicken or sandwich party tray , coloring book and a twelve pack of Bud Light Lime.

I'll admit, walking across the stage IS all it’s built up to be, but the before and after can be...straight blah.

However, I did craft up a little something…a trivia game, if you will. It succeeded in keeping me embarrassingly entertained. It’s called-


Avoid the dumb
Kitty’s blogging days might not end here! (Hoping a heel click just happened rather than a thank-god sigh).

Yes, I’ll no longer have a set deadline for my articles, but writing has served as a therapeutic release for me, therefore keeping up with a personal blog should be beneficial and of course fun :)

You know, statistics say that things like reading/writing/etc. each day actually stimulates/exercises the brain in a way that strengthens neural connections (or even creates new ones).

A cognitive psychologist in England found that when elderly people regularly played bingo, it helped minimize their memory loss and boost their hand-eye coordination. It seems that Bingo helps players of all ages remain mentally sharp.

“G-36. I repeat, G-36”

…ha who knew?

Life after COASG
The details of this personal blog of mine are…a bit slow going.
ONLY because I’m hoping that they sort of just unravel as I go. Honestly my first instinctual description when declaring the tone or rather the…theme of the new blog was-

“It'll be a lotta...word vomit”.

Urbandictionary.com defines this as a point in a conversation where you say something that you really didn't mean to.

…which totally sounds like something I’d “favorite” on my taskbar.


  1. girl you HAVE to keep blogging! You seriously make me laugh with every post! xoxox

  2. Please keep blogging! I'm always happy to find another Aggie blogger (: