Birfday Month Confessions

Hey Santa, do you know Michael Kors? January 9, 2011
This year when the imminent question came from mama or daddy-
“what would you like for Christmas Pumpkin?”

TAMU sorority girls replied in unison-
“a gold oversized Michael Kors watch please”

This trend was spottable on girl’s wrists BEFORE the holidays, so come first week of classes I’m expecting a whole army of gold MK watch wear-ers to be sporting their new swag.

I’d like one, but when Mama Burns was approached with the subject I got this –
“sure angel, if you don’t mind the watch being your only gift…along with some Hello Kitty band-aids I already bought for your stocking.


Turns out these suckers range from $195-$495. I had my heart set on a gold/beige acrylic one for $300. Apparently the North Pole lacks the climate to support trees that grow money.

On a brighter note - I am loving the gold jewelry comeback. Pairing my gold Aggie ring with all my silver jewelry makes me feel fashionably uncomfortable. Like wearing a brown belt with black shoes.

Out with the Old, In with the Sparkle January 10, 2011
The first sorority meetings of 2011 are next week and EVERYONE knows what to expect. Okay I’ll give you 3 hints:

1. It sparkles
2. It sometimes makes single girls want to dig a deep hole and sit in it
3. It rhymes with shmemgagement

You guessed it! The engagement season was just recently upon us and now it’s time to see the bling it birthed.
Upon return from the holidays at least one ring pass, if not multiple, is expected.

In a nut shell, a “ring pass” is what happens when a chapter member gets engaged, passes her ring around for all to see, then tells the story of how she got engaged.

I’d like to take a sec to recognize that as an independent, single college female I can proudly/non-bitterly say that the whole wedding bliss umm thing is wonderful…really, a beautiful thing. SO happy for the couples…very excited…just loving the love…so excited...happy beautiful...


K I uh gotta go, I’m late for my therapy, I mean jam session with Taylor Swift

Bikini Déjà Vu January 12, 2011
The girls and I decided on Vegas for our LAST SPRING BREAK AS IRRESPONSIBLE COLLEGE STUDENTS! (tear).
Haha juuust kidding :)

So, what does this mean?
The hunt for the hottest bikini has officially begun!

Now, every girl is quick to type into their URL box but ladies, I’m going to go ahead and advise against this (quit pouting like you don’t already own 6+ VS swimsuits).
Do I have anything against VS? Of course not, I love their crap. Turns out, the 23 hot blondes on my same beach ALSO like their crap.

It’s true, bikini déjà vu isn’t as bad as say, dress déjà vu but nobody hopes for it and I’ll tell you why (the awful truth). Well…homegirl rocking your same neon pink two-piece might just be…rocking it a little harder than you are.

It’s okay, breathe, don’t dwell on past mistakes.
I’ve compiled a solution list of other bikini-shopping worthy sites to help you on your quest to be the next exclusively hot beach babe. * * * * * * * * * *

Welcome :)

‘Get-Girls-On-Your-Chilifest-Team’ Tactics January 13, 2011
Every year fraternities compete in persuading girls to buy tickets with their Chilifest team. Here are some things we consider…
(From least to most effective)

5. Reputation of visual appeal – pretty tent, pretty girls?
4. Closed-in build – a tent that’s enclosed by walls is appealing to minors
3. Free stuff with ticket purchase – t-shirts are a favorite
2. Food – quickest way to earn a girl’s attention is through her stomach
1. Cheap tickets – why I usually go with SAE

Just sayin.

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