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Once Upon A Rush November 15, 2010

As a freshman, I didn’t know what to expect on my first day of recruitment. All I knew is that I wanted every human I came into contact with that day to think at least one of the following:

1. She’s adorable
2. I’m in love
3. Gotta have this chick back tomorrow

Needless to say I was ready to impress.
Or at least fake it long enough to have my pick of any house 

K so I’m standing in alphabetical order, waiting to go into my first house. ZTA, I remember.
While I wait I begin looking around, observing my surroundings.

Gamma Phi house looks new...
Why one random frat house on this street…must’ve won a contest or something…
I wonder if these big yard letters are heavy…
Did that girl mean to wear those shoes…


My first time experiencing a female in Sperry Top-Siders.

“There must be some explanation” I remember thinking.
I had only ever seen these shoes on grandpas and my boyfriend’s dad. I didn’t know what was going on.
At the time I had no idea these funny-looking boat shoes sold for 80 bucks a pair.
More thoughts involuntarily followed:

“Out of all the hand-me-down shoes in the world why those?”
“Quit judging people you don’t know, It’s not her fault she’s poor and was forced to wear her dad’s shoes!”

During my intense reasoning I happened to also notice the shoes the girl behind me had on. Sperrys. Girl in front of me, Sperrys. Rho Gamma, Sperrys.
I suddenly found myself on Sperry Island. My Aggie foam flip-flops no longer seemed as cool.
Why had I not seen this trend until now??? They're so ugly where do you even buy them?!! Are they required?!! Why are they so masculine?!! I MUST HAVE THEM NOW!!

Wait what?

Fratdaddy:Sorority Girl Ratio November 16, 2010
Sometimes I see the most gorgeous girls with funny lookin frat guys. Do they want a New Orleans invite that bad?
Hehe. Joke. Only kiddin.

Ahem on that note, I happen to know that college campuses everywhere are actually confessing that the girl/guy student ratio is noticeably uneven. Turns out there are way more female college students than male.
Unfortunate cause and effect here = college guys aren’t committing to serious relationships. With a line of beautiful girls to woo, why would they?

In TAMU’s case, a girl probably feels she must be everything Mr. Frat wants/needs in order to beat out the fierce competition, but what happens in the end? She finds herself alone, shaking it on a speaker at Daisy Dukes because she’s bummed that her supposed to be boyfriend developed an on-to-the-next-one-cuz-there’s-plenty-more-where-that-came-from mentality. All the relationship power is in their possession. Ew.

Guys are like…Democrats and we’re like Republicans…who’ve lost the majority vote, been stripped of power, THROWN FROM OUR SEATS. INTO THE DARK. NO FLASHLIGHT. IT’S COLD..AND…and…

Take a breath ash.

Facebook Fairy November 17, 2010
(fay-ss-buk- fair-ee) noun – social website regulator whose job is to uphold sorority reputation by notifying member of unsanctified habits and putting an end to such habits anonymously.

What does Halloween mean? Costumes! Yay fun! (But not too much fun).
Following the Halloween season we all are reminded to please refrain from posting any pictures that are, for lack of a better phrase, slutty in nature.
Eh, actually not “for lack of a better phrase”. I very well could’ve thought of a better phrase but “slutty in nature” seems to perfectly sum it up.

Sororities don’t want to claim the girl pictured in a sequent bra and floofy petty-coat skirt that purposely falls ½ an inch below the danger zone. However, if you do happen to get caught, you’ll soon find in your inbox a message from the your sorority’s Facebook Fairy kindly suggesting to not post pictures you wouldn’t want your grandparents to see.

I mean really, have the audacity to cover up your risqué business and not cause everyone else to question their perception of morals and values.

..or you can visit your account settings, create and save a friend list of select people, then block them from various albums ;)

Cell Phone Reality November 17, 2010

Some Cell Phone Nuisances:
1. Cracked screen (iphone tendency)
2. Drunk texting
3. Not having your phonebook backed up (hence the “lost all my numbers” fbook group invite)
4. Water un-resistant (via cup, toilet, puddle, pool, etc)
5. Butt and/or purse dialing
6. Leaving it at the bar

Some Cell Phone Awesomes:
1. Apps
2. Internet access (such as during class and other instances of the like)
3. Drunk texting
4. Ringtones that help you to characterize people you’ve just met (simple ex: meet seemingly shy/innocent girl > her blackberry rings > it's Baby Got Back)
5. Fun covers
6. Calculator

Greek Life Confuse-atorium November 18, 2010
What could have been the sickest party to ever grace Rudder Auditorium, instead ended up going on as planned – a Greek Life Moratorium meeting at 7pm today. My expectations were left hugely unmatched in that I was ready for some big informative lecture about how we Greeks are out of control and all the precautions we’re planning to take. Not really even knowing what all provoked this in the first place, I found myself leaving the meeting disappointed and confused because no one acknowledged any specifics as to why we were even there.

Is it perhaps safety? That seems to be a legitimate reason to call an emergency meeting.Okay I'll respect that. No person, Greek or not, should engage in ANY hazardous activity (hazing, excessive binge drinking, illegal drugs, etc) if there’s even the slightest chance of death or serious injury.

Is it dangers such as these that are the problem at hand? Not having done a lot a research on the matter, simply because I was waiting to hear it straight from the source’s mouth at this meeting rather than from circulating rumors, I feel like maybe these are the issues that needed addressing?

Being a change agent is hard. Seriously…I mean, did you know that among some of the top things that people fear, change is among them?

My suggestion is this - someone should’ve hit the audience with some harsh reality. There’s no better way to make a person understand something than to relate to them personally. Perhaps painting a very realistic picture could put things in some serious perspective for a student, especially one who can link it to certain dangers they have found their own selves in. Yes this is hard, especially for the tellers of tragic stories, but I’m willing to bet that nothing would satisfy a victim more than the re-telling of his/her story in the hopes of saving lives. This may have been the case for c/o ’91 Aggie grad Will Oliver. He could have gone down this path but chose instead to just briefly touch on his experience with his roommate and how he died in an accidental drowning - and this is ok of course, but tugging at a person’s emotional strings can hit close to home and a lot of the time, inspire change. Change…the whole point here right?

“Tonight is supposed to be a new beginning”

Don’t tell us that. A new beginning implies that there is no past. The past is what defines this situation. What is change if we don’t have an existing platform to observe, acknowledge and learn from?

Enough lecturing. The important thing is that now we know to join the Association of Former Greeks and continue to donate money once we graduate.

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