My First Confessions

Sorority Seasons November 2, 2010
I can’t believe how quick this semester is moving. November already? To be honest I was oblivious to the weather change until I came across a picture on Facebook of a cell phone screen with text messages on it that read:

Northface season has arrived. TFM

Hahahahahaha. With nike shorts -TSM

Good call…

Spotted: black northface + vibrant colored nike shorts…culprit…sorority girl

Gotta love stereotypes.

Haha ohh social norms…

Walking Billboards November 3, 2010
Yea I get it. Wearing my greek letters is the equivalent of being a walking billboard. Promoting your sorority or fraternity via frattire is sort of an unsaid yet highly acknowledged thought when you’re getting dressed and you know you’re going to be around a lot of other Greeks. West Campus Library is a sea of walking billboards. There’s not one table from my cubby view that isn’t occupied by at least one sitting billboard.

I sound judge-y.
I’m not judge-y.

If I was I’d be a hypocrite. Just now I was hurrying out my apartment with my A&M book bag in tow and subliminally swapped it real quick for one with my sorority letters plastered huge on the front. Conform much?


The SB Top 3 November 8, 2010
Is it me or is TAMU’s spring break destination choice variation at an all time low? I only hear about people going to what’s known as The SB Top 3: South Padre Island, Panama City Beach or Gulf Shores, Alabama. Greeksters usually round up their greek siblings and rent a beach house all the while always sporting at least one of the following fashions; a neon fanny pack, neon koozie, plastic neon sunglasses, a neon-lettered tank top or a neon trucker hat.

Huh, Chilifest déjà vu.

Gulf Shores, Alabama 2010...

Panama City Beach, Florida 2009...

South Padre Island, Texas 2008...

Last SB I actually sold my neon hat to some random dude who offered $20 for it while on a beach in Panama.

What about Vegas…bet a hats worth more than $20 in Vegas…hmm

Language Shmanguage November 9, 2010
Greeks are getting bored with traditional English language. I mean I guess. The minute four letter words start whittling down to three letters…well, one realizes that creative boredom has struck.

For example, Fraternity Bid Day 2008 was when I was first exposed to the term “presh”. I believe a girl said something like, “omg girl that’s presh!” (catch the omg? Exhibit A). It seems silly NOW because I’m aware that she was shortening the word “precious”, however at the time, wtf? (Exhibit B) Even with me resorting to using my best context clues, I still could not decide on a meaning for presh.

Did she maybe mean fresh?
Does she know she’s saying whatever word she’s trying to say wrong?

After learning the meaning and later seeing it written as a caption on Facebook, I found that it’s most commonly spelled p-r-e-s-h.
Um that’s not how you spell precious. I don’t feel dumb now for being confused. Ha!
But I get it. Correctly abbreviating it would be prec. And well…yea…wouldn’t work :/

Abbre. November 9, 2010
Now I’m all interested and intrigued by this abbreviation business. I’m predicting right HERE, right NOW that by the year 2023 the average sentence will appear as follows:

Hy grl cn’t w8 2 prty like rkstrs all ^ & arund NG!!! Yay txt me!

Hey Girl can’t wait to party like rock stars all up and around Northgate!!! Yay, text me!

...sorry Webster, I still dig your stuff.


  1. Where did you get your yellow and white lettered raglan top? too cute!

  2. Sorry I don't exactly know! A fraternity gave them to the girls that were Delt Little Sis'. However, there's a Greek apparel site I have ordered custom things from before and been happy with - it's :) Enjoy!