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Knockouts Grill House January 30, 2011
Perhaps you’ve caught wind of the new hotspot everyone’s been talking about? Formerly Bodega Coast, this new place called Knockouts is rumored to be a happy hour paradise. To me, anywhere equipped with those torpedo-looking beer taps is certifiably super/awesome/cool.

I’ve heard it’s supposed give off a Hooter’s-like vibe but I felt the server’s umm…shirts weren’t small enough for me to really feel the resemblance.
I was there the other night and got two vodka sprites for only like $4. (holla)

Unfortunately, a friend of mine wasn’t as lucky. He uploaded a picture of his receipt to Facebook, his total at only 10pm was $115.

…welp, I take it back. Maybe the server’s shirts fit just fine.

Facebook Check-ins February 1, 2011
I’ve been getting better acquainted with the whole Facebook check-in phenomenon and I’ve got to say- totally fun. Checking-in via fbook enables you to broadcast your exact location the moment you arrive somewhere. Instantly you can see if anyone else you know is there too. There’s even access to a map that leads right to you.

Ha, I’m thinking about what my dad would say-

“Great! Just in case knowing your full name, current city, place of residence and your entire family tree isn’t enough, they can now FIND YOU WHENEVER/WHEREVER”.

And I thought the “poke” button was creepy.

Fraternity/Sorority Abbreviations February 3, 2011
I’m curious, who decides how fraternities and sororities names get abbreviated?
Let’s play a game called ‘How ‘bout instead…”

Current Name *** How ‘bout instead... *** Thoughts------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Beta Theta Pi(Beta) *** B Theta P *** if seen written, I think of BP the oil company
Sigma Phi Epsilon(Sig Ep)*** Sig Phep *** eh, most ppl would probably pronounce it ‘pep’ instead of ‘fep’
Pi Kappa Alpha(PIKES) *** PiKa pAl *** motto could be, pick me I’ll be your pal :)
Pi Beta Phi(Pi Phi) *** PB Phi *** nah, I immediately think peanut butter jelly phi
Delta Gamma(DG) *** D Gam *** sounds pretty thug
Chi Omega(Chi-O) *** OMG *** hey cool
Kappa Kappa Gamma(Kappa) *** K Kappa Gam *** nah, sounds like you’re agreeing with them

Open Bar Bliss February 6, 2011
I traveled to Austin, TX this weekend to watch my Little (sorority abbreviation for little sis) tie the knot. She went through recruitment as a sophomore so she’s my age AND graduated early so she gets to start playing big-girl sooner than normal.

I knew, of course, the Fanning-Hart wedding would be fabulous but a different level of epic occurred thanks to the genius who invented the concept of an “open bar”. All I can say is that with a ballroom full of college students they might as well call it an “empty bar”.

Dreading that Ruthie regrets sending invites to her fellow sorority sisters, this is the comment I felt super necessary be left on her fbook wall a.s.a.p. -

Hello there Mrs. Hart :D just a few things-

1. Your wedding was a freaking blast

2. Umm apparently sporadically through the night I was being either obnoxiously loud and crazy, or crying...thus making ppl real uncomfortable

3.You made the most beautiful bride

4.Apologies to the rest of your guests for the being "that table". I felt like we embodied the behavior that makes for good people watching :/

5.Have a great time in Cabo! I love you much!!

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