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Coupons Complete Me January 25, 2011
LOVING the little campus coupon books that one business fraternity gives out at the start of every semester. Went to Pita Pit today…guess who got $1 off her southwest chicken wrap with the purchase of a medium fountain drink?!?!

Worry-Wart January 26, 2011
Mama B called today with concerns, a normal occurrence. She likes to inform me about the latest College Station crime.
She bought me a pink pouch for my key chain that’s supposed to slyly disguise mace spray. Sure, good idea, until I attempt to actually use it during the intense moment and fail miserably because the intricate pouch snap AND bottle lock prohibits me from doing so.

I can picture myself stranded in the parking lot post-mug, purseless, sitting alone in a pot hole with a baby can of mace spray that NOW is open and ready to spray...

She stresses things like the importance of my health, because I could die from bacterial meningitis or H1N1 at any time.
To put her at ease I falsely fret about petty, yet true things. I’m like “mom, I was walking to class last week and got ran over by a bicycle. Let’s focus on that”.

The Harrington Strip January 27, 2011
The Harrington Strip – stretch of sidewalk to and from the Harrington building (HECC) that is always occupied by ruthless campaigners.

Are you among the many who avoid walking down the strip because you don’t want to humor the flier passer-outers? I love observing the tactics people use in hopes of fending them off. You may be thinking, oh just take the dang flier it’s easier. However sometimes they want to have a 15 minute conversation with you and it annoys me when they fail to acknowledge my obvious let-me-get-out-of-here eyes.

Successful or not, here’s some ways to avoid the paper fury-

-Stick in your iPod headphones

-Quickly whip out your cell phone and start busily texting. Tip: don’t start talking on it like you’re on a fake call, it could start ringing while you have it up to your ear.

-Pretend to speak a different language.

-Put on sunglasses to avoid eye contact, this usually causes them to not even try and talk to you at all.

-Run and start yelling “they’re after me!”

Antarctica Weather in Texas January 28, 2011
Okay guys, I’ve about had enough of this. We go from 80 degrees one day to 21 degrees the next. Not only do I dread losing the feeling in my ears and nose but I pretty much hate looking like an abominable snowman.
I wore 4 layers of shirts today. Four. I live in Texas. This is ridiculous.

Who pissed off Mother Nature?
Whoever you are, I have one word for you-


Image Commitment January 29, 2011
Like I said, the weather here in CS is God-awful-cold, but once inside the classroom there are heaters (hallelujah). It gets pretty toasty and as I was looking around in ALED 481 I noticed that pretty much everyone had shed their coats, gloves, etc.

Except for this one girl who had taken off her gloves, sweater and jacket but oddly still had on this ear-muff beanie thing that was an obvious winter accessory. It was made of knit material and had three huge pink knitted flowers on it that were sort of…poking out off the hat…like a “come smell me” invite or something.

After wondering for a few minutes about why she hadn’t taken off the seemingly hot hat I realized, homegirl would rather have a sweaty head than unleash her hat hair.

Props. That’s some serious image commitment.

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